Editorial Portrait Session with Tori

At my core, I’m a creator. As any creative knows, art requires that you constantly push yourself into new territory, and perpetually pursue new ways to be inspired. So, when the opportunity came to me to do something out of the ordinary for Tori (who was visiting from London), I lept at the chance! As a professional photographer, the pure, personal enjoyment element of photography sometimes takes a backseat, but this shoot was all of that and then some for me. Tori allowed me to gather an incredible team of gifted talents to help her to shine – so I asked Michelle Clark to work on her makeup, and Elevia Ritchie to style her. These two rockstars helped to make the shoot an incredible breeze, and worked together to seamlessly generate a final product that makes my heart flutter to this day. Sometimes, it’s hard to take the exact images you have in mind, but this team, and Tori, made it incredibly easy. My heart was overcome with joy to do something without limits or boundaries – to create without constraint. These photos are the product of that wonder – enjoy.