Why is wedding photography so expensive?

This is one of my favorite questions to answer. I wish you could join me each and everyday that I’m working, but since that can’t happen I’ll share a bit behind the scenes.

Before we even get to your wedding date we’re spending hours emailing, FaceTiming, texting, creating timelines, organizing with your coordinator, scouting locations, and dozens of other things that go into wedding day prep. Then your special day arrives, and I’ll travel (usually at least 3 hours) to your venue, spend time with you and your family documenting every second of our time together, then travel all the way back to my home to spend a few more hours backing up all of your images. After your day, I’m spending hours and hours and hours culling, editing, sharing sneak peeks, finishing your full gallery and creating a slideshow all before I’m finally ready to send the competed gallery to you. You might think my work is completed, but NOPE! – there’s still more to do! I’m helping with printing, designing an album, usually making sure your mom knows how to download the images too, plus so much more. So really, there is no end. I’m always available and working hard for you and each one of my couples AND their families too. Not to mention the usual things that go along with running your own business like insurance for my gear and your venue, all the software, the fact that I have one child and another on the way, the cost of living in beautiful California, and a million other things (because I’m a real human too). So there you have it – why I’m priced like I am.

On a final note, I genuinely do give a crap about you. I didn’t choose this career because I wanted to be a millionaire. Far from it actually. I wanted to be someone that couples could come to and count on for every part of their wedding day. I’m the person who helps remember where the rings are and search for them when they fall out of your best man’s pocket. I wanted to talk with your mom on the phone afterwards and walk her through how to download the photos or order some prints. I know I can give you some incredible photos, that’s what my photography degree was for. I choose everyday to invest in you, your story, and your legacy because I care about you.