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          Documenting love stories since 2012

          I am a wedding and elopement photographer based out of Sacramento, California. I have been capturing people’s stories for over five years, and have a bachelor’s degree in Fine Art Photography from Louisiana Tech University. I work with enthusiasm and passion, and have a personable demeanor, making it easy to relax and be yourself in front of the camera. I am drawn to couples putting on non-traditional weddings: full of originality and celebrating their love without boundaries. My wedding coverage is ethereal but bright, while my engagement sessions take on an adventurous and intimate perspective. Every photograph embodies the emotion present in the atmosphere, always honest, heartfelt, and organic. I am available for travel anywhere your love might take you.

          How I Got Started

          My love of wedding photography began with a friend who loved my photographs, and knew that I was the perfect person to document their day. She trusted me with something so precious, and honestly, that was the beginning – I was hooked, and couldn’t imagine myself doing anything else.  Since then, I have been there beside so many couples. I’ve been there with tissues to wipe tears, help brides get their shoes on, bustle dresses, and have made some lifelong friendships. At every wedding, I’m attending as a friend – not a vendor. I’m laughing and crying during toasts; your dad’s slightly embarrassing jokes, and your mom’s heartfelt retelling of your childhood. Every moment of your wedding day is important, and there is nothing I’d love more than to stand with you to capture it.


          How I Got my Last Name

          My husband, Justin, and I met five years ago while I was earning my photography degree at university. We spent countless hours in the dark room printing images and making out. Underneath one hundred feet of cafe lights, Justin proposed to me. Later, we ran away to the mountains of northern Arkansas, surrounded only by our closest family, and said our vows. We’ve been married for two and a half years now, and have a beautiful little boy, Grayson.



          Pun Facts

          I’m an ENFJ and my husband is an ENTJ.

          I have a deep love of sandwiches; I could eat them for every meal. They’re my second passion. #13 The Original Italian at Jersey Mike’s (Mike’s way – no tomato). I will give up carbs over my bread body.

          I have an affinity for puns. If you spend any time at all with me you’re sure to hear at least one (but probably twenty).

          I love reading, but I never seem to have time to sit down and do it. So I listen to audio books while working, walking, or driving. 

          I prefer tennis shoes over all other types and style of shoes. My current tennis shoe obession is Allbirds. Check them out; you and your sole will thank me later.

          My favorite book is The Most Surprised I’ve Ever Been by Marcel the Shell. 

          My favorite musician is Drew Holcomb. Spotify let me know that in 2017 I spent nearly 10,000 minutes listening to him. No regrets. 

          My favorite character on The Office is Pam. 

          I over use exclamation points; which you will very quickly notice after you email me. It took a lot for me not to add any at the end of all these sentences!! 

          I have one child. His name is Grayson Ember Posey, and he was born on January 11, 2017. I ate an entire Giant sub from Jersey Mike’s after that day.