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          How I got started

          I don’t really know the exact moment I fell in love with photography. It’s just one of those things that I’ve always been around. My parent’s home is filled to the brim with printed photographs from my childhood. They’re hanging in frames on the wall, stuffing overflowing albums, and resting on every single shelf in their house. I can’t recall a moment of my childhood where there wasn’t at least one camera present. I remember not always loving being in front of the camera, but boy do I absolutely love looking at all of those images now. I love seeing my life chronicled out and feeling it in my hands. I love that I can show my boys and my husband what my life was like. I have proof that shows I’ve always loved jumping in the mud and catching green anole lizards just to make them hang off my earlobes like earrings. While I was home for 2018 Christmas in Louisiana, my mom came across an old paper of mine from middle school. The topic was a common question adults ask kids; “what do you want to be when you grow up?”. What was my answer? Well, apparently, even in middle school I wanted to be a photographer. Which is something lame that a lot of people say, but I honestly have no recollection of writing this poorly composed paper. SO here I am, also being that lame person that says I’ve always wanted this. And if you ask for it I’ll send you a photo of the paper; just remember I was in middle school okay; you can’t judge too harshly. I did ultimately go on to college to major in photography. Like most people, I didn’t know what the heck I was going to do with my degree when I graduated. In my sophomore year I stumbled into wedding photography when a close friend who had always loved my photos asked if I would photograph her wedding, and knew that I was the perfect person to document their day. She trusted me with something so precious, and honestly, that was the beginning – I was hooked, and couldn’t imagine myself doing anything else. 


          How I Got my Last Name

          My husband, Justin, and I met five years ago while I was earning my photography degree. We spent countless hours in the dark room printing images and making out. Underneath one hundred feet of cafe lights, Justin proposed to me. If you want all the deets check THIS out. Six months later, we ran away to the mountains of northern Arkansas, surrounded only by our closest family, and said our vows. If you want to take a peek at that click here! We’ve been married for four years now, have a beautiful little boy, Grayson, and another boy on the way. 

          How I Got my Crew

          Well, I already told you about my husband. Not only is he the other half of me, (cheeeeseeeey) he’s the other half of this business. We’ve invested a lot into our communications skills (because marriage), and every aspect of that spills over into how well we work together. Honestly, its like he reads my mind and sees exactly what I see. There’s nothing better than being able to trust your team, and that’s what we are: a team. Also, if you wanna creep creep you can check out his insta here

          Some random things about me (LOL)

          I was born and raised in Louisiana. Sometimes I have an accent, sometimes I don’t. I definitely still say y’all; that word is buried deep in my DNA.

          I have a deep love of sandwiches; I could eat them for every meal. They’re my second passion. #13 The Original Italian at Jersey Mike’s (Mike’s way – no tomato). I will give up carbs over my bread body.

          I have an affinity for puns. If you spend any time at all with me you’re sure to hear at least one (but probably twenty).

          I prefer tennis shoes over all other types and style of shoes. My current tennis shoe obession is Allbirds. Check them out; you and your sole will thank me later.  

          My favorite musician is still Drew Holcomb. Spotify let me know that in 2018 I spent nearly 43,200 minutes listening to him. To save you some time on google, that’s 30 non-stop days and nights of listening. (I’m just thankful Netflix doesn’t tell me how much time I spent watching Girlmore Girls, The Office, and Friends.)

          I over use exclamation points; which you will very quickly notice after you email me. It took a lot for me not to add any at the end of all these sentences!! 

          My first child is Grayson Ember Posey, and he was born on January 11, 2017. I ate an entire Giant sub from Jersey Mike’s after that day.

          I’m currently pregnant with our second child, another boy! I’ve already informed Justin that I will need another Giant sub from Jersey Mikes afterward. The sandwich love is deep y’all!

          *I listened t0 Drew Holcomb while writing (and re-writing) this.