Joshua + Brooke: Discovery Bay Wedding

It was a warm Thursday in Discovery Bay, California. The sun was shining brightly and Brooke was getting ready for the big day at her parent’s beautiful home in Discovery Bay. As I gathered up her rings, shoes, and dress, Brooke was inside reading over her vows and trying not to cry (too much). Her family was by her side all morning eager to celebrate! While she was putting on her dress her long time friend Sydney arrived to share a hug and say a prayer.

Everyone began making their way to the venue and taking their seats. We all patiently waited for Brooke and her father to arrive. They were being escorted by her brother in his dark blue ’66 Chevelle. When Brooke and her father arrived, they were both beaming. I have never seen a more proud papa. Joshua‘s face was gleaming with joy as Brooke and her father walked down the aisle toward him. He was seeing his beautiful bride for the first time, and she was seeing her handsome groom. This moment was so precious.

The ceremony seemed to fly by. It was full of love, humor, and Jesus. Everyone tried to fight back tears as Brooke shared her vows with Joshua, and we were all in stitches from laughing with Joshua as he shared his vows with Brooke. Their personalities were shining brightly.

After the ceremony Joshua, Brooke, and I gathered for some photographs of just the two of them – as husband and wife. This time is always so intimate and special. The passion and excitement is ever growing. The sun was setting quickly as we walked around the vineyard. The warm light adding to the warmth of emotions felt by all who witnessed them.

Following their intimate portraits was an incredible meal, heartfelt toasts, and some killer dance moves. Brooke and Joshua were surrounded by people who celebrated them so well. Everyone gathered to dance with them and make a new memory.

Joshua and Brooke were beaming with love for each other, but weddings aren’t just about love, they’re about the story. They are a beautiful moment in time. Capturing them is magical, not only because of the excitement and magic – but because of the love story the photographs get to tell, each one a bit different in their visual prose. As a wedding photographer, I have the privilege of arresting each significant flash of the day, and displaying the unique and personal story each couple has to express.