Intimate In-Home Session in California: Bobby + Lindsey

When Bobby and Lindsey asked me to take photos for them to celebrate their 10 years of being married, I was overjoyed at the opportunity. They’re the kind of people who you can easily be yourself around – they’re warm and patient. When I first arrived at their home on that rainy morning, I found them making pancakes (a staple food item in their home). While Lindsey flipped breakfast treats on the griddle, Bobby made fresh coffee. Watching their simple, easy-going love warmed the entire space, and after breakfast, they snuggled on the couch with coffees in hand. Their ten years manifested over the course of our morning together as a tender familiarity that cannot be bought with anything but time and choosing each other again, and again, and again. After some photos in various areas in their stunning home, they changed outfits and showed additional facets of their normal, day-to-day together, with Bobby playing guitar on the couch and Lindsey listening intently to each note he strummed. As the day moved on, we headed outside into the chilly weather for a few photographs in the rain. With every location and every photo, it became clearer and clearer to me that the natural weathering of living and choosing and loving that they’d embraced over the last ten years had made their tenderness towards one another fit together like perfectly crafted puzzle pieces. It was joy to capture their history as it played out in its present state – joyful, peaceful, and something to behold.