Tim + Elevia: Lost Coast Adventure Session

One year ago Tim and Elevia met on a trip to the coast for an instameet. Upon meeting they never really expected to see each other again, let a lone begin dating. However, two months later they did begin dating.

From the beginning, Tim and Elevia have been so intentional with every part of their dating lives. I’ve never met any other couple who puts so much time into good communication, love languages, and community. It is obvious from the very first time you meet them how much love they have for each other. Tim and Elevia are so full of joy, and their laughs are contagious.

To commemorate them meeting one year ago, we decided to take another trip to the coast. Tim had never been to the Redwoods and Elevia hadn’t ever been to Avenue of the Giants; neither of them had ever been to Shelter Cove! Justin and I were excited to show them our favorite spots, and make some new memories.

After hours of driving we arrived at our campsite about an hour before sunset. The weather was cool and the air smelled fresh. We made a big fire and snuggled up around it as we cooked a warm dinner followed by s’mores.

The next morning we woke up with the sunshine. We made ourselves a warm breakfast, and then got ready for our day. We made our way to another location in the Redwoods, and the light was beaming perfectly through the trees. The morning air was brisk, but that didn’t stop us from enjoying the view. The trees wider and taller than any other trees, towering over us. We felt like children running through the forest kissed by the spots of sunshine that made it through the thick canopy above.

Then we made our way to Shelter Cove. A gem hidden behind the windiest road we’ve ever driven. It took almost an hour just to drive twenty miles (worth every second). We arrived just after noon. We decided to check out the local coffee shop and explore the view, and afterwards we fueled up on some local pizza. Once our bellies were full, we made our way down to the black sand beach. While we waited for the sun to get a bit lower in the sky, we explored one of the many caves along the coast. The sand was cold beneath our feet, but the sun was warm. We could smell the salty air as the waves crashed relentlessly against the shore. Tim and Elevia were so excited to explore the beach. They walked quite a ways from our comfy cave to find some even more beautiful rocks formations. The sun was dipping behind the giant boulders and the mist from the waves was catching the light just right. Justin and I couldn’t believe our eyes.

This engagement inspiration shoot is one I will never forget. I am so honored to have the opportunity to capture priceless moments like this. An engagement session is the opportunity to not only get creative with your locations, but to spend time with your future spouse. With the photos you are making memories that will last beyond your lifetime. You are creating something that you, and your children, your children’s children will look at with admiration. Your love can inspire generations.