Jason + Hannah: Mill Valley In Home Session

When we arrived in Mill Valley it was raining softly and the air was cool. We met with Jason and Hannah at their home before making our way to our first location. After loading up in Jason’s big truck we set out for a location with less rain and maybe even a good view.

Jack, their dog, joined us for our adventures. He was so excited to run around and explore with us. We started off walking on some beautiful rolling hills, but we were deceived by their beauty. Shortly after walking out someone (or some pup) stepped onto a yellow jacket nest! Next thing we knew we were running back to the safety of Jason’s truck. Little did we realize the yellow jackets were still latched on. Only Hannah and I suffered some stings, but we all shared an experience we will never forget. I must say- being attacked by yellow jackets is a photography first for me.

After taking a moment to settle ourselves we made our way down some other trails; stepping lightly and constantly looking for more yellow jackets. Jason and Hannah snuggled up on some rocks before stumbling upon a really interesting tree. We all stepped inside, and after only a few minutes the wind begins to pick up and suddenly we are in the middle of a down pour. Again we found ourselves running back to the relative safety of Jason’s truck- apparently our only safe haven.

Everything that happened at the beginning of this session seemed so appropriate for Jason and Hannah. They are two of the most fearless adventurers I’ve ever met. They traveled across the states from the East coast using hand drawn maps that connect dirt roads. So they took mother nature’s punches like it was nothing, because to them, it definitely was. I’m pretty sure the crazier things got – the more fun they were having. It was perfect.

When we arrived back at their home, Jason and Hannah changed into some dry clothes. Their tiny home is so unique and Justin and I wanted to be sure to capture them not only in their home, but really document what this season of life was like for them. They sat on the couch for a while reading, snuggling, and warming up from the previous outdoor excursion. After a while we made our way into their kitchen. They laughed looking out of their window at the first rain Mill Valley had seen in six months.

Their bedroom was a really fun loft with two big sky lights. It was the perfect way to really enjoy a good rain storm. They laid on their bed enjoying some snuggles and Jason discovered some new ways to sit and enjoy their new space. We talked about a little bit of everything, but by the end all we could think about was dinner. So we made our way to a local Italian restaurant for dinner. I had definitely been craving some Italian and this totally hit the spot. I think we all ate our weight in bread too.

The next day we woke up early to grab some coffee at Equator before the morning rush. After we walked down to the redwood park next to their home. (Who just has a redwood park next to their house? Everyone in Mill Valley – newly obsessed with this town. You should go there.)

Of course Jack joined us for day two. How could we leave a dog behind when we were walking around town and visiting parks? I think he brought us the largest sticks in the park.

We all enjoyed the foggy morning walking around Mill Valley. It was a precious town with so many gems. Jason and Hannah were incredible hosts, friends, and clients. I will never forget this whirlwind session.