Ryan + Virginia’s Secret Gardens, Bodega Bay Wedding

Since the wedding day, I have looked at many photos that were shared by friends and family – taken with their cell phones. I truly have enjoyed and am grateful for each one shared – and I have looked at them and enjoyed them over and over. However, when I opened the gallery from Hannah – I immediately became emotional as tears came to my eyes – and my heart just seemed overwhelmed. I guess it is because she actually caught the feelings and emotions of the day along with her creative artistic rendering. I can feel Virginia and Ryan’s love and the joy they share together.  Many can see this love when they spend time with them – but to look at a photograph and experience these same feelings is truly amazing.  This was also reflected in the photographs of myself, Ed, and the guests. She captured the day and evening. Knowing some of the guests personally – I had to laugh out loud when I looked at her photos of them on the dance floor — again she nailed it!

Mother of the Bride, Ann