Shane + Lindsay: Woodland Backyard Wedding

On a sunny Saturday afternoon in May as Shane and Lindsay prepared to say I do. Lindsay gathered her dress and her bridesmaids and headed into her bedroom to get dressed. Her little sister and best friend helped her slip into her gorgeous gown. As soon as she was dressed her friends squealed with excitement. They were so excited for their friend to marry the man of her dreams.

As Lindsay made her way outside for their first look, she was overcome with emotion. Her friends quickly searched for tissues. Shane made his way around the house to see Lindsay for the first time. His face lit up with a huge grin, he greeted her with a hug, and then sweetly blew on her face to dry her tears without smudging her make-up. Then Lindsay spun around so that Shane could really get the full effect. He made her pause mid-spin so he should check out her butt – perfection. His bride is a total babe, and he knows it.

Guests began to arrive, making their way to the ceremony cite. They were to be married in their flourishing backyard. Their property was full of tall trees, a large garden, and lots of beautiful flowers. The ceremony shared a full history of their love, and how much their families loved their newest additions. Lindsay continued to (unsuccessfully) fight back tears the whole time. Her love was overflowing.

We all made our way to the reception for dinner and toasts. Toasts are quickly becoming on of my favorite parts of weddings. I love hearing how each couple has impacted the people around them. Shane and Lindsay were no different. Each toast more sentimental than the last.

Shortly after toasts, Shane, Lindsay, and I snuck away to make a few more photographs of them as the sun was setting. It began to sink in that these were their first images as husband and wife, and their smiles began to grow. Brighter and brighter with each passing moment.

Afterwards, we made our way back to the reception where Shane and Lindsay were surrounded by people who celebrated them so well. Everyone gathered on their custom made dance floor to bust a move with them, and make a new memory.

Shane and Lindsay were gleaming with love for each other, but weddings aren’t just about love, they’re about the story, the history. They are a beautiful moment in time. Capturing them is magical, not only because of the excitement – but because of the love story the photographs get to tell, each one a bit different in their visual prose. As a wedding photographer, I have the privilege of arresting each significant flash of the day, and displaying the unique and personal story each couple has to express.